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With over 1 billion searches for people every day it got very important to build your own brand. With brandme you can do exactly that - click the button above to sign up and have your own custom brand page set up in just a few moments.

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BrandMe allows you to create a free personal homepage in an instant. Once you sign up, your profile will be populated with your LinkedIn information and your page will be published on Your homepage with a tiny link to will always be free.

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Once you have created your page, you can take an important step towards building your brand on the web: simply start blogging and add your articles to your page.

You can even discover other profiles and browse through other users' articles.

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There are over one billion searches for people on search engines every single day. This means that they are also searching for your name. Let them find you and create your personal brandme page with just a few clicks. This enables you to show up on Google so people find your profile to get in contact and generate new business or job offers. "brand me" and create your own personal website to help you with reputation management. It is super easy, so just try it out yourself and create your profile for free today.